Master's Degree in Chemical Science and Technology

Academic year 2020-21 | 60 credits | 30 places

New student profile and admission criteria

The entry requirements for the Masters in Chemical Science and Technology are those established by Royal Decree 1393/2007 (HTML), which regulates official university postgraduate courses.

Academic and professional goals

The course’s main aim is to complement the training of graduates in Chemistry and related areas, especially those students who wish to undertake a research-oriented career.

The aim of the course is to focus on student preferences for different specialisations in environmental chemistry and automation, material science, biological, biosanitary and biomedical chemistry, various aspects of organic chemistry and food engineering.

Students who attain the Masters degree will have gained extensive knowledge in both the theorical component of the subject, and practical approaches to research and development. Their practical work, will be linked to that research groups recognised by the Government of the Balearic Islands. They will also be familiar with the most up to date scientific methodology in various fields of chemical research and development, and will have used the scientific bibliography and databases necessary to complete their work.

These courses will be designed to also contribute to the continuing education of active professionals. The inclusion of the module ‘Tools for the Diffusion and Teaching of Chemistry’ responds to this professionally-directed aim, and will be of particular use to secondary-education teachers of chemistry.

Access to other study programmes and career opportunities

Students holding an official Master‘s degree in Chemistry Science and Technology are eligible for admission to third cycle studies leading to the PhD degree in the Chemistry Science and Technology programme of the University of the Balearic Islands.

Structure of the study programme

The structure is available on the website - section "Subjects" of this master's degree.

[Course structure]

Course structure

Final Exam

There will be no final exam on this course

Evaluation criteria and exams

The evaluation criteria for each course are given in detail in the corresponding course descriptions. (Website section "Subjects")

The final project is an obligatory component.

The assessment of the project will be carried out by a panel created specifically for the task.

Assessment will take into consideration:

  • The project’s written report
  • The oral presentation and defence of the project in a public session before the panel

Study programme leadership

Dra. María del Carmen Rotger Pons
(34) 971 17 2039
Dra. Gemma Isabel Turnes Palomino
(34) 971 17 3250