Administrative Procedures

Electronic administration is currently being implemented at the UIB and, consequently, administrative procedures must be carried out digitally. Some require credentials and are done over the e-services portal or other applications (UIBdigital, Acadèmic, Postgraduate Platform), whilst others require a valid digital certificate and are only available on the e-services portal.

Below is a list of specific procedures for master’s students, as well as information on what to do when there is no specific procedure and the authorisation form to request information in-person on somebody else’s behalf.

What to Do When There is No Specific Procedure

  • Solely for individuals who are not obliged to use digital methods to carry out procedures at the UIB.
  • Where individuals demonstrate they do not have the relevant technical equipment, are unable to connect, cannot use the methods the university makes available, or they have a disability hindering them from using the required methods.
  • Where there is no established specific procedure to submit a document, form or notification on any matter addressed to the Centre for Postgraduate Studies.

Over the e-services registry

Using one of the following:

In-person registry support

The request must be submitted at the following locations, having filled in and signed this request form:

Requesting Information In-person on Somebody Else’s Behalf

In-person at the admin services in the Centre for Postgraduate Studies or on the Minorca, or Ibiza and Formentera campuses. (Appointment required).