Direct master's admission application

General information

What is the direct master's admission application?

This is the enrolment application submitted by master's students without having to re-apply for a place through the ordinary admission procedure.

Who can take part?

Students who fulfil the following circumstances have direct admission to the official master's programme that they have requested:

1.    Students from a curriculum that is ending and being adapted to the replacement curriculum. In this instance, students need to fill in the adaptation application. The following rules must be followed:

o    The adaptation application implicitly includes the accreditation request for credits on the new curriculum that have been passed on the old one. Therefore, it is subject to the corresponding public fee, where applicable

o    The adaptation process will close the academic record for the old curriculum and no enrolment or accreditation thereof will be possible

o    Adaptation is subject to what is set out in the academic progress regulations for students.

2.    Students who have been penalised for not having fulfilled the academic progress regulations. Where students are penalised due to failure to comply with the academic progress regulations they may, after the penalty period has ended, request immediate readmission, notwithstanding what is set out in the academic progress regulations.  

3.    Students who, after starting a UIB master's programme, temporarily leave, as long as they comply with the corresponding academic progress regulations.

4.    New students who request and obtain a full enrolment cancellation from the previous year in accordance with the academic regulations.

Direct admission will be assessed in the following instances:

· Grantholders of competitive grants awarded by the UIB or external institutions, in line with the nature of these scholarships

· Students from double degree programmes and joint programmes with other universities, as long as they have passed a prior selection process, the possibility is included in the approved learning project for the double degree or, in the case of joint degrees, the possibility is included in the governing agreement.

Where an application is rejected, candidates may lodge an appeal to the relevant Pro Vice-Chancellor within five working days following receipt of the corresponding notification.

Part-time students

In accordance with Article 7 of the Academic Regulations, students who for different circumstances are unable to following the programme full time, in line with the minimum number of enrolment credits and the academic progress regulationsmay request part-time status.

In this sense, the minimum number of enrolment credits for new students is lowered (instead of 30 credits for full-time students, part-time students take 15 credits), as is the minimum number of credits to be passed to continue on the programme (instead of 40% of enrolled credits for full-time students, part-time students must pass 10% of enrolled credits).

Students applying for direct master's admission can also apply for part-time student status in UIBdigital and attach the relevant supporting documents.

Regulations governing direct admission to master's studies


Application and enrolment

When do I submit the direct admission application?

The CEP will establish the direct admission period every academic year.

For enrol the 2024-25 academic year, the application deadline is from 2nd May to 5th September 2024.


How do I make my application?

The application for direct admission must be filled out and attached as an annex to the specific application addressed to the CEP of the Electronic Office. This request can be registered both with corporate credentials and with an electronic certificate.

You will find all the information on this procedure in the procedure file.

Documentation to submit

Only documentation to accredit that you hold a competitive grant awarded by the UIB or external institutions or are from a double degree programme or joint programme run with other universities.

You do not need to accredit other requirements to take part since the CEP already has this information.

Documentation to request part-time Status in UIBdigital

  • Employment contract currently in force or a valid administrative appointment in force on the day classes begin. Moreover, other documents supporting current employment activity must be submitted, such as contribution receipts in any social security category or a recent payslip
  • The disability level must be supported by a certificate issued by the relevant accreditation body
  • A copy of the candidate's ID document to accredit they are over 45
  • Documentation accrediting a family protection status or having to care for dependents
  • Any document that supports the reason given by the student to be considered for part-time status.

How will the application be decided on and notified?

The CEP will assess applications from candidates, inform the programme management teams, decide on the applications and notify accepted students about its decision so that they may continue with the enrolment procedure within the corresponding timeframe.

The direct admission decision will be notified individually in candidates' personal file section, accessible via the electronic office.


Students whose direct admission application has been accepted will formalise their enrolment as continuing students from 2nd to 13th of September 2024 or until 16th October 2024 if they only have to enrol Master's Thesis or Master's external internships.