Students with Overseas Qualifications

This section is aimed at students with overseas qualifications who would like to take official postgraduate studies (Master or PhD) at the UIB. Such students are not required to have their degrees officially recognised by the Spanish education authorities. Access to a programme shall in no way imply recognition of the prior degree held by the interested party, or its recognition for any other purposes than to access master's degree studies. Students with overseas degrees recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education will follow the pre-registration process undertaken by students with Spanish degrees.

If you are interested in having your overseas qualification (bachelor or master) officially recognised by the Spanish education authorities, please contact the Spanish Ministry of Universities.

If you are interested in having your overseas PhD qualification officially recognised in Spain, please visit the 'Equivalence Statement' section on the UIB Doctoral School website.

Certification of documents at the UIB

Students with foreign qualifications who have been admitted to take an official postgraduate degree at the UIB must formally register at Acadèmic. In order to do this, they must present the documents in accordance with what is stipulated in stage "5. Presentation of original documents".

Along with each original document, you must present a photocopy of each one. The administrative services will check the identity of the two documents and the originals will be returned to the interested party, after issuing a stamp or accreditation certifying the photocopies. If the photocopies have already been certified before a notary registered in Spain (certifications made by a notary in the country of origin are not valid) or by Spanish diplomatic or consular representations, it will not be necessary to present the original document.

None of the documents submitted will be returned to the interested parties once the procedure has been completed, except in some exceptional cases where they are original documents and this return is possible and appropriate.

Should there be any doubt as to authenticity, validity or content of the documents submitted, the competent organisation may make the necessary inquiries for their verification, as well as contact the issuing authority in order to resolve the doubts raised.