Supporting Documents

Submission Deadline for Documents

The document submission deadline is 2 pm on 31st October 2024.

What Happens if You Fail to Submit Your Documents

Where any fee exemption has been applied pending submission of documents and you fail to submit them within the deadline, this status will be automatically withdrawn and the full tuition fees will be due.

Failure to submit the pending original entry and admission documents accrediting the status you selected on your enrolment, as well as failure to accredit your ID, may lead to suspension of your academic rights. Moreover, you will not be able to continue your programme until the matter has been resolved. Where applicable, your enrolment will be automatically cancelled without any right to a refund.

Please bear in mind that you will not be able to request your academic transcript or degree certificate until you submit your original entry and admission documents.

Documents for Submission


Tuition Exemption and Discount Documents

Depending on the circumstances stated in your enrolment procedure, you will need to submit supporting documents to admin services in the Antoni Maria Alcover i Sureda Building. Where you are taking the programme at the Minorca or Ibiza and Formentera campuses, you will need to submit your documents there. Please bear in mind that you need to book an appointment.

Please see the available exemptions and discounts, and the documents to be submitted in each instance.

Documentation for Direct Debit Payment

If you have selected to pay by direct debit, you need to submit the SEPA authorisation form, duly filled-in and signed by the account holder, to the porter's lodge in the Antoni Maria Alcover i Sureda building, or the Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera sites, if you are taking the Master's Degree in Teacher Training there. No appointment is needed.

If your SEPA authorisation is digitally signed by the account holder, you can send it to <>.

Original Copies of Entry and Admission Documents and Qualifications

You will not be able to request academic transcripts or your master's degree certificate until you have submitted these documents.

Students with an admission qualification from the UIB must submit the original and a copy of the relevant documents (admission requeriments), except for their degree certificate and academic transcript, since the UIB already has them. 

Students with non-UIB admission qualifications must submit the original and a copy of all relevant entry and admission documents.

You may submit the original or a certified copy* of these documents:

  • In-person at the admin services in the Centre for Postgraduate Studies or at the Minorca or Ibiza and Formentera campuses. Appointment required
  • At a registry support office (OAMR) in your town, autonomous region, embassy or consulate. They will then be forwarded to us digitally. You may view the offices in your town or autonomous region here:
  • By registered post addressed to:
    University of the Balearic Islands
    Centre for Postgraduate Studies
    Administrative Services - Postgraduate Unit
    Antoni Maria Alcover i Sureda Building
    Carretera de Valldemossa, km 7.5
    07122 Palma
* The only stamps accepted are those issued by a registered Spanish notary public, a diplomatic or consular service or the issuing body for the document in question (payment for the certified stamp must be accredited). With regard to certified copies of overseas documents, please see the terms and conditions on the CEP website: 'Master's admission process -> Students with overseas qualifications'.


Accredit Your Identity

Institutional credentials are used to access different UIB apps (Acadèmic, Aula digital, UIBdigital, e-mail, etc.) and carry out different procedures on the e-services portal. They can be obtained by registering online.

You therefore need to have accredited your identity before 31st October 2024. Students who have not done so will only have temporary access to the UIB’s online services up to this date. After this date, they will cease to have access until they verify their identity.

The different methods available for accrediting your identity are listed in the IT user ID validation procedure. 

* Take advantage of the ID accreditation procedure in person to submit all pending documents: original copies of admission, exemption and discount documents, etc.


Proof of Residency Documents

International students who need to provide proof of residency to avoid the 30% surcharge on the fees for academic services must submit the relevant documents, which must be valid at the start of the academic year (9th September 2024).


Recent Photograph

It is important you add a recent photo of yourself to the UIB database before academic activities begin on your master's programme. In this way, your lecturers, classmates, and admin and services staff will be able to easily recognise you. The photo is uploaded when you activate your digital student ID card.

You may only change your photo once per academic year via UIBdigital > Preferences > Personal Information > Identification. Please contact admin services if you have any query.

In turn, it is a good idea to add a recent photo to your Aula digital profile.