Payment Terms and Conditions

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees include amounts to cover academic and admin services (establishing and maintaining academic records, school insurance or medical care for over-28s, student ID card, etc.), and any other services, where applicable.

The fee for academic services depends on the number of credits you take, the programme where you are enrolled and the number of times you have enrolled for a subject. Please see the price per credit for first-time enrolment on master's programmes.

An example of total tuition fees is available at the following link.

Exemptions and Discounts

You may qualify for different tuition fee exemptions and discounts if you fulfil the required conditions. Certain conditions are already selected, whilst you may select others and accredit them later.

Please see the available exemptions and discounts and the documents to be submitted in each instance.

Failure to submit the required documentation to fulfil the conditions selected in your enrolment, within the set deadline, will lead to automatic reprocessing of your enrolment and non-discounted tuition fees being payable.

Ministry of Education Grants (MEFP) and Balearic Government Enrolment Exemption (GOIB)

MEFP Grants

If you have applied for an MEFP grant for your studies, make sure to check the box. In this way, you will not have to pay the academic service fees for the subjects where you are enrolling for the first time. 

If your grant is refused or you withdraw from your grant subjects, you will need to pay the corresponding fee for academic services. Please see the following page for more information about the grant.

International students with an NIE (ID number) must notify the admin services for their degree programme about their residency status beforehand in order to select grantholder status. Otherwise, this option will not be made available to them.

If you have checked the grantholder status box in the enrolment procedure and would like to add more subjects, please write to <> (stating your name, ID no., programme curriculum and the subjects you want to enrol for) to request authorisation.

GOIB Enrolment Exemption

If you qualify for the GOIB enrolment exemption or discount applicable to tuition fees to first-enrolment credits, make sure to check the box. Please bear in mind this exemption is incompatible with ministry grants; nor does it apply to recognised and second- enrolment (or subsequent) credits.

In addition to checking the box, you must request accreditation for the exemption in the relevant call for the 2024-25 academic year (only available in Catalan and Spanish) in order to verify you fulfil the set academic and financial requirements.

If the exemption is refused or you withdraw from exempted subjects, you will need to pay the corresponding fee for academic services.

Please see the following page for more information on the GOIB enrolment exemption.

Other Financial Support

You may also be interested in calls for scholarships, grants and funding that may be available to help fund your studies.

Tuition Fee Surcharge for International Students

Non-resident international students over the age of 18—except for EU students or those from countries where the EU system applies, and without prejudice to the principle of reciprocity—must pay a 30% surcharge on the public fees for academic services on undergraduate and master's programmes. Nevertheless, the UIB may sign agreements with overseas institutions that reduce this surcharge.

Resident international students must accredit their status. This status must be valid on the first day of the academic year (9th September 2024). Otherwise, the tuition fee surcharge will apply.

Payment Methods and Instalments

The following payment methods are available for self-enrolment: direct debit, payment slip and card payments.

Where direct debit payment is selected, you may either make a single payment for the full amount or select one of the different payment by instalment options, depending on when you enrol. Moreover, if this is the first time you have used your account to make a payment, you will need to submit the SEPA authorisation mandate, signed by the accountholder, within the set deadline. 

Please bear in mind that the first instalment always includes the admin service fees, in addition to the percentage share of the remaining fees, in accordance with the selected payment schedule. 

Payment by Instalments

The following payment by instalments options are available:

  • Enrolments formalised before 1st August can be split into:
    1. Two instalments: the first in August and the second in November, each for 50% of the total
    2. Five instalments: August, September, October, November and December, each for 20% of the total
  • Enrolments formalised between 1st August and 11th September can be split into:
    1. Two instalments: the first in September and the second in December, each for 50% of the total
    2. Four instalments: September, October, November and December, each for 25% of the total
  • Enrolments formalised between 12th and 30th September can be split into:
    1. Two instalments: the first in October and the second in December, each for 50% of the total
    2. Three instalments: October, November and December, for 40%, 30% and 30% of the total respectively
  • Enrolments formalised between 1st and 31st October can be split into two instalments: the first in November and the second in December, each for 50% of the total
  • Enrolments formalised from 1st November CANNOT be split into instalments.

Due dates shall be shown on each payment slip. Moreover, please bear in mind that payments will be processed between the 1st and 5th of the corresponding month, except for September which will be processed on the 12th.

Please remember that payment of this amount gives you the right to a single final grade for each subject or activity for which you are enrolled during the academic year.



Payment is due immediately after finalising enrolment. Failure to pay will mean you have an outstanding debt with the university and will be unable to carry out or request any procedure.

Total or partial non-payment will lead to a 5% surcharge on the outstanding amount. In this instance, a new deadline is set to pay the total amount. Failure to pay within this deadline will lead to temporary suspension of students' rights and, where applicable, cancellation of all academic services without any right to a refund. Moreover, the unpaid amount will remain outstanding and, until it is fully paid, students are not able to carry out or request any procedure at the university, e.g. the issuance of transcripts or degree certificates, arranging academic records be transferred, requesting any service at the university, applying for spots on other programmes, etc.

Payment of Pending Invoices

Payment of Pending Invoices

If you selected to pay by card during the enrolment procedure, you may make your payment via the Pending debit/credit card payments option in Acadèmic.

Outstanding invoices with other selected payment methods may be settled either by card or by printing out the corresponding payment slip from the Manage pending payments section in Acadèmic.