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Durant el matí del dia 21 de setembre es faran canvis al web, els quals poden provocar que algunes adreces fallin temporalment
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Master's Degree in Cultural Heritage: Research and Management

Master's in Cultural Heritage: Research and Management

Academic year 2020-21

Check on the "Structure" section in the description to learn about the study programme and how it is organized.
Subjects with no link are not offered in this edition
First course
Name Type Credits Period
10292 - Introduction to Cultural Heritage Obligatòria 5,0 1st semester
10293 - Seminars on Heritage Obligatòria 5,0 1st semester
10300 - Tourism and Cultural Heritage Obligatòria 5,0 2nd semester
10301 - Management of Archaeological Heritage Obligatòria 5,0 2nd semester
Second course
Name Type Credits Period
10317 - Master's Thesis Treball fi de màster 10,0 2nd semester
10316 - Practical: Professional placement in cultural institutions in the Balearic Pràctiques externes 20,0 2nd semester
Pendent de traducció
Name Credits Period
10295 - Archaeological and Ethnological Marine Heritage 5,0 1st semester
10296 - Medieval Plastic Art in Majorca 5,0 1st semester
10297 - Historical Museums and Documentation Centres: Models and Experiences 5,0 1st semester
10298 - Architectural Prospection 5,0 1st semester
10308 - Art and Photography: Contacts and Influences 5,0 1st semester
10309 - Documentary Heritage and Military History in the Modern Age 5,0 1st semester
10311 - Palaeographical Workshop (Medieval). 5,0 1st semester
10312 - The Traveller and Heritage: Rapprochement in the Balearics from the Late 19th Century to 1936 5,0 1st semester
10313 - Mediaeval Urbanism: Sources for the Study of the City of Majorca (13th-15th centuries) 5,0 1st semester
10314 - Palaeographical Workshop (Modern Age) 5,0 1st semester
10315 - Libraries and Periodical Archives (Contemporary) 5,0 1st semester
10303 - Heritage and Territory 5,0 2nd semester
10304 - Photographic Heritage: History, Cataloguing and Diffusion 5,0 2nd semester
10305 - Plans for the Promotion of Heritage 5,0 2nd semester
10306 - Documentary Heritage and Medieval Economic Institutions 5,0 2nd semester
10307 - Historical-Artistic Methods for Heritage Conservation and Restoration 5,0 2nd semester
10294 - Preliminary Studies on Intervening in Heritage 5,0
10299 - Historiography of Art and Heritage 5,0
10302 - Plans for Conservation and Restoration of Heritage. Study of materials 5,0
10310 - Epigraphic and Numismatic Heritage 5,0
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