Master's Degree in Teaching Training

Academic year 2018-19 | 60 credits | 250 places

New student profile and admission criteria

Entry requirements for this Master's programme are the following:

  • Accreditation of proficiency in the competences related to the specialization that the applicant wishes to pursue by taking an exam designed by universities for this purpose. Applicants holding undergraduate degrees related to the chosen specialization will be exempt from having to take this exam.
  • Accreditation of proficiency (at a B1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages [CEFRL]) in a foreign language. This accreditation can be achieved with an appropriate certificate or by passing an exam offered by the UIB.
  • Accreditation of proficiency in Catalan (at a C1 level according to the CEFRL). This accreditation can be achieved with any C1-level Catalan language certificate accepted by the Government of the Balearic Islands (Govern de les Illes Balears).

Academic and professional goals

The Master's degree programme in teacher training (MFP by its Spanish acronym) aims to provide an initial rigorous and extensive preparation upon which long-lasting training and the most recent updates on various aspects of the teaching profession can be based. The programme seeks to ensure that students acquire the ability to apply the knowledge and skills acquired and resolve their own teaching-related problems in the various fields and contexts in which they will work, taking into consideration, at all times, the uncertainty and dynamics associated with educational processes. The programme also seeks to enable students to be able to integrate knowledge and confront the complexities of the educational system and educational processes while reflecting on the social and ethical responsibilities related to the practice of their teaching duties. Lastly, the programme aims to begin a process that will allow future teachers to independently continue their professional development. Ultimately, the MFP is designed to provide future professors with or allow them to improve the specific professional competences related to four basic aspects: the teaching of a few specific subjects or in a specific field, the role of future teachers' as tutors for students, future teachers' roles as active members of a teaching team and educational community, and in general, their professional development.

Access to other study programmes and career opportunities

Completing the MFP is a requirement for being able to take the teachers' entrance exam and be granted access to the body of secondary education teachers. This Master's programme allows graduates to perform a certain profession, and does not directly lead to further study programmes.

Structure of the study programme

Description of the structure and scheduling can be found in the BOE Num.262 of 29/10/2010 (or as a pdf).

You can also consult the subjects section of this Master's programme.

During this academic year, the following specializations will be offered:

English and German

Biology and Geology

Drawing and Design

Physical Education


Physics and Chemistry

Geography and History

Spanish and Catalan Language



Guidance Counselling

Technology Services (FP)

Final Exam

In order to be awarded this Master's degree, students must publically defend their Master's thesis in front of a committee gathered for the presentation on the date designated by the academic committee. The defence may only be carried out once all other subjects and the practicum in an educational institution have been completed.

The Master's thesis requires students to create an original project in which they must come up with an educational proposal based on the contents that were covered in the specific and generic modules and the experience gained during the practicum. It is a project that will be created individually but will be supervised by a Master's programme professor: each student will be assigned a tutor who will supervise, guide, and give his/her seal of approval to the project.

Evaluation criteria and exams

MFP courses employ a process of continuous assessment as per European Higher Education Area recommendations for degree programmes. Each subject's professor is responsible for the evaluation of that subject and as such there may or may not be a final exam. Specific assessment criteria are explained in course syllabi for each subject, and they will be available to students before each course begins.


Study programme leadership

Dr. Bartolomé Vilanova Canet
Chemistry, UIB.
(34) 971 17 3005
Dr. Maria Isabel Ripoll Perelló
(34) 971 17 2056

Academic coordinators

Generic block coordinator
Dr. Joan Jordi Muntaner Guasp
Specific block coordinator
Dr. Joan Frau Munar
Practicum coordinator
Sr. Agustí Vergés Aguiló