Master's Degree in Master's in General Health Psychology

Academic year 2017-18 | 90 credits | 20 places

Les entrevistes de selecció dels candidats preinscrits en el MPGS seran presencials i tindran lloc els dies 19 i 20 de juny en el Departament de Psicologia de la UIB.

What is it?

The state-recognized Master’s degree programme in general health psychology, along with a relevant undergraduate degree, allows for graduates to be general health psychologists.

As published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) of 5 October 2011, Law 33/2011 on General Public Health and specifically the 7th provision (Regulation on psychology in health care) created the profession of general health psychologist. The text designates general health psychologists as health professionals and establishes the professional health-related competencies that are applicable. Specifically, the law addresses “carrying out psychology-related research, assessments and interventions on the relevant behavioural and attitudinal aspects of people that affect the promotion and improvement of general well-being, as long as these activities do not require specialized care from other health professionals.”

In the BOE of 14 June 2013, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport published Order ECD/1070/2013 of 12 June which establishes the requirements for verifying official Master’s programmes in general health psychology that enable graduates to practice the regulated and licensed profession of general health psychologist. This order regulates the naming of the Masters’ programmes, their competencies, entry conditions, curriculums (modules and materials), and internships.

Thus, this Master’s programme is in line with Order ECD/1070/2013 and enables graduates to practice the profession of general health psychologist.

What will you learn?

 The Master’s degree programme in general health psychology offers students a basic, but comprehensive and rigorous training and education which enables graduates to carry out psychological assessments and interventions on the behavioural and attitudinal aspects of people so as to improve and promote general well-being.

Thus, the programme provides students with a series of basic competencies centred on the abilities to integrate knowledge pertaining to clinical psychology and health, to know how to apply this knowledge in different contexts, to know how to communicate, and to be able to keep oneself up-to-date via a process of continuous learning. Students will also acquire a series of general competencies based on developing the ability to plan, organize, make decisions, work in a team, and communicate with other health experts. Finally, they will gain 21 specific competencies, stipulated in Ministerial Order ECD/1070/2013, that define the general health psychologist profession.

What will you be able to do once you finish?

General health psychologist.

This profession explained in Order ECD/1070/2013 of 12 June of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (BOE [official state gazette] of 14 June) This same order also lays out the requirements for authenticating official Master’s degree programmes in general health psychology that allow for the regulated licensed profession of general health psychologist to be practiced.

High-quality official study

Legislation requires that official Spanish degree programmes receive a positive assessment from the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA, by its Spanish acronym). This process is known as verification, and it serves to ensure that education programmes are properly designed to provide the competencies and reach the learning goals around which the programmes are built. In the results you can find reports on official study programmes.

The European Higher Education Area requires that there be a system in place to ensure the quality of degree programmes.

The Master's programme is subject to constant assessment and improvement processes that guarantee that it maintains a certain level of prestige and renown in Europe. You can see the results of the assessment processes in the section on quality.

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Health sciences
Study programme leadership Dr María del Pilar Andrés Benito
20 places
90 credits


Campus: Mallorca
Language: Catalan, Spanish ( See subjects for more details )
Public price per credit for first enrolment: 29,45€
Price applicable to citizens of member states of the European Union and Spanish residents: 2.711,10€ *
* Additional information about price

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