Master's Degree in Economics of Tourism: Monitoring and Evaluation

Academic year 2019-20 | 60 credits | 30 places

General information about master's theses

The Master's Thesis (TFM) must be viewed as another subject on the curriculum and, therefore, shall comply with the same general standards and regulations as other subjects.

Master's thesis registration

The maximum number of registrations to pass the TFM subject is four plus one additional registration which shall be granted by the Centre for Postgraduate Studies management team upon approval by the master's management team.

Where the viva defence of the master's thesis cannot be held in the same academic year as the registration year, an annual registration may be granted for academic tutoring.

The registration for academic tutoring must be consecutive.

Registration of the master's thesis project

After enrolling for the TFM subject, students shall formalise the registration of their master's thesis project within the deadlines set for each degree programme.

Registration requests for the Master's Thesis shall be done via the following application:

Bear in mind the following when filling in the form:

  • Format of the thesis title (do not write everything in CAPITALS)
  • Tutor name and surname(s), as well as his/her correct e-mail address
  • Thesis script in PDF format not surpassing 100MB.

You may monitor your request in the same application.

Submission of the master's thesis

Once the thesis project request has been accepted, students may submit their thesis within the deadlines set for each degree programme.

Submission comprises a two-step process:

  • The first shall be done over the application:
  • The second shall be done by accessing the TFM subject for your degree programme on Aula Digital. Here you will need to submit the same file in the 'Master's thesis submission (final version)' task.

You need to take the following into account when filling in the form:

  • The thesis document must be in PDF format not surpassing 100MB in size
  • The Thesis cover, which can be found in the 'Master's forms' section
  • The thesis distribution licence must be filled out via the same application.

You may monitor your request in the same application. When students and tutors sign the licence, they authorise the work to be published in the institutional repository for public consultation.

Master's thesis viva defence

The master's management team may appoint one or several panels at the start of the academic year or appoint a specific panel for each thesis.


  • The master's management team will send a copy of the thesis to the panel members
  • The master's management team shall notify admin services regarding the panel members and the viva date, as well as release a public announcement
  • The chair of the panel shall convene the other members, tutor(s) and/or joint tutors, and the author within at least ten and at most 15 working days
  • Admin services shall produce the corresponding record of proceedings.

Master's thesis assessment

The mark awarded shall be included in students' academic record once all credits for the programme are passed.

Resources on academic plagiarism and Turnitin.

Web resources from the UIB library: Definition, regulations and other topics related to plagiarism and how to avoid it.

Integridad académica y plagio (Academic integrity, plagiarism and how to include the ideas of others into our work): Author: González Teruel, Aurora - Date: 2019 - (Educational Innovation, University of Valencia) Video on YouTube

Information about accessing Turnitin reports: UIB Turnitin Webinar.

Resources for master's thesis tutors

Since the first step to check for plagiarism comes from those tutoring theses, tutors are recommended to review the 'Resources on academic plagiarism and Turnitin' section on this website.

Guide for master's thesis tutors [ca]

Specific information about theses for the master Economics of Tourism: Monitoring and Evaluation

There is no specific information for the master's thesis on this degree programme.

Defended master's thesis

Link to the institutional repository (DSPACE) for this master's programme

  • Chinese Millennials’ Perceptions and Motives of Dark Tourism
  • Macroeconomic influence on the hotel stock returns
  • The impact of Wuzhen Theatre Festival on local tourism:A Synthetic Control Method
  • Training and job satisfaction in the Algerian hotel sector
  • Can a Basic Income and a Flat Tax replace the Personal Income Tax?
  • Customer satisfaction in Japanese hostels
  • Econometric analysis of the hospitality industry using stock market data
  • Italian tourists in Spain: Travel related characteristics and expenditures determinants
  • The importance of the growth of the service economy in China
  • The price competitiveness map of Asian travel and tourism destinations
  • The role of beach attributes in sun-and-beach destination choice: an application to Spanish domestic tourism
  • Tourist Loyalty In Sport Event Tourism: The Case of Mallorca 312
  • Do attitudes influence the satisfaction level? Assessing tourists’ cultural and hedonic attitudes in Palma de Mallorca
  • Hotel changes and Chinese investment after the great crisis in Spain: The GPRO Valparaiso Hotel case study (Mallorca)
  • Impact of part-time and fixed-term labour contracts on productivity in Tourism Destinations. The case of the accommodation industry in the Balearic Islands
  • Modelling tourism expenditure according to the activities developed in the destination
  • Smart City and Smart Destination and beneficiaries’ perception: The Case of Palma City
  • The effect of beach pollution on tourist satisfaction
  • The impact of financial, macroeconomic and non-economic factors on the hospitality industry in Spain and the UK
  • Tourist arrivals & Tourist expenditures: An investigation of determinants and interactions at international level
  • "Happiness and tourist profile. A comparative research in Majorca"
  • "Searching the most valued attributes at hotels: an application of hedonic pricing analysis in the Balearic Islands"
  • El impacto de una web de contenido generado por el usuario en el Turismo. Realización de una investigación cualitativa de la puntuación de perfiles de alojamiento en Tripadvisor y su impacto en la hotelería mallorquina
  • Location on hotels value in sun and sand destinations: Case study using GIS and Hedonic modeling in Alcudia Bay.
  • A tourism plan for the wine cluster of Binissalem
  • Dutch Disease in Tourism: The case of the small island developing states
  • The Impact of Push & Pull Factors on Tourist Expenditure in a Tourism Destination: Case Study of Mallorca, Spain