Master's Degree in Educational Technology: e-Learning and Knowledge Management

Academic year 2018-19 | 60 credits | 25 places

What is it?

This Master’s programme is an interuniversity degree programme offered in collaboration with the Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona and the Universities of Murcia and Lleida.

The education that this Master’s programme provides is related to the management of virtual campuses and educational services and the mastering of tools and procedures concerning cooperative online work and audiovisual communication. Students will acquire the skills needed to direct and manage their own business and to lead work groups or departments related to e-learning, education, and training. Furthermore, this Master’s programme requires that students design and develop their own educational and training materials.

What will you learn?

From an educational innovation and/or research perspective, this Master’s programme enables students to:

  • Plan, organize, and manage e-learning processes,
  • Design and develop technological environments, multimedia materials, and learning scenarios, and
  • Take full strategic advantage of knowledge and information.

Graduates from this Master’s programme can continue this line of study with the doctorate programme in educational technology that is given jointly at these four universities.

What will you be able to do once you finish?

Professional profile

Designing and developing e-learning projects.

Managing virtual campuses and educational services. Designing and developing educational and training materials. Providing technical and teaching guidance. Managing information and knowledge. PROFILE

Researcher profile

Designing and developing research projects in the field of educational technology. Managing e-learning research projects. Designing and carrying out basic research and R&D projects.

Providing technical and educational guidance for research projects in the field of educational technology.

High-quality official study

Legislation requires that official Spanish degree programmes receive a positive assessment from the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA, by its Spanish acronym). This process is known as verification, and it serves to ensure that education programmes are properly designed to provide the competencies and reach the learning goals around which the programmes are built. In the results you can find reports on official study programmes.

The European Higher Education Area requires that there be a system in place to ensure the quality of degree programmes .

The Master's programme is subject to constant assessment and improvement processes that guarantee that it maintains a certain level of prestige and renown in Europe. You can see the results of the assessment processes in the section on quality.

Additional information
Social and Legal Sciences
Study programme leadership Dra. Adolfina Pérez Garcias
25 places
60 credits


Campus: Online
Language: Spanish, English ( See subjects for more details )
Inter-university Master's (See the technical details for more details)
Public price per credit for first enrolment: 28,45¤
Price applicable to citizens of member states of the European Union and Spanish residents: 1.767,60¤ *
* Additional information about price

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