Master's Degree in Business Management, Organisation and Economics

Academic year 2018-19 | 60 credits | 30 places

New student profile and admission criteria

This Master's degree programme gives preference to applicants with bachelor's (or licentiate) degrees in business management and administration, economics, and engineering.

Candidates meeting the following requirements are also eligible for admission:

  • Those with a bachelor's (or licentiate) degree in mathematics, physics, computer science, or any other programme with a quantitative focus; and
  • Those with any other bachelor's (or licentiate) degree who have completed postgraduate coursework in business management and administration or economics.

Candidates are required to have a Cambridge First Certificate (with Grade A), have taken a TOEFL exam and scored at least 550 points, or have proof certifying that they have a similar level of English.

Within the specified timeframe, applicants must fill out and submit an application along with a CV. In addition to having to provide the aforementioned information, applicants must also attach the following:

  1. Three letters of recommendation from university professors, researchers, or, exceptionally, professionals who have contributed to the career development of the candidate;
  2. A declaration of intentions and motivation written by the candidate;
  3. Information about previous academic activities: courses, seminars, congresses, published research work, and communications in academic forums; and
  4. Work experience.

Admission to the programme is based on the merit and talent of each candidate. The Academic Committee is made up of three people: the programme director and three professors pertaining to each one of the institutions related to the Master's programme. This committee will evaluate candidates' applications and will choose those with the highest level of merits to participate in the programme.

Exceptionally, when information included in the application is not conclusive, the committee may request an interview with the candidate.

Academic and professional goals

The new Master's degree programme responds to the demand for researchers who are able to analyse the management and organization of a business using primarily an economic-centred focus.

The programme will train professionals in the study of organizations with a conceptual and quantitative base that allows them to perform research tasks and undertake measures in various kinds of organizations: businesses, governmental bodies, or international institutions.

Additionally, the programme will empower those who wish to develop an academic career in the field of business economics.

Access to other study programmes and career opportunities

This Master's degree programme enables graduates to access the doctoral studies offered by the same three universities participating in this Master's programme: the Doctorate in Economics, Management and Organization (DEMO).


Structure of the study programme


 Quantitative methods  9 Mandatory
 Finance and corporate governance  12 Mandatory
 Behaviour, organizations and contracts  12 Mandatory
 Markets, strategy and performance  12 Mandatory
 Master's thesis  15 Mandatory

The Master's thesis must be defended before a panel selected by the Academic Committee.

Final Exam


Evaluation criteria and exams

Each module consists of one or two subjects, and in each subject students will be assessed based on classwork, exercises, and exams.

Study programme leadership

Dr. Lluís Bru Martínez
(34) 971 17 1330