Master's Degree in Neurosciences (MNEU): 2012-13

Entry information

The Masters in Neuroscience is aimed primarily at:

  • Present degree graduates in Biology, Medicine and Surgery, Psychology, Pharmacy, Physics, Chemistry and Veterinary Science.
  • Graduate on any of the aforementioned degrees and Physiotherapy, Nursing and Nutrition.
  • Present diploma graduates in Physiotherapy, Nursing and Nutrition and Dietetics.

The Master’s Study Committee may also admit graduates from other similar scientific disciplines if it considers they have acquired sufficient knowledge level to follow the Masters in the same conditions, as well as overseas students with a validated title or equivalent. Students holding a title in a non-scientific branch may present pre-enrolment for the Masters and the Study Committee will assess presented proposals.

Within the fixed period, candidates must present pre-enrolment via computer or in person to those responsible for postgraduate administrative services. Students holding degrees from universities other than the UIB must include in their application authenticated photocopies of the relevant documents concerning their degree as well as an academic certification from the University issuing that degree. The Committee will assess applications in accordance with admission profiles and prior established education requisites. If the number of pre-enrolments surpasses the maximum registration number, the Committee will assess the following points: academia transcript, scientific and professional records and other academic merits relating to the title (specific courses relating to neurosciences, knowledge of English...).

Total or partial validation of prior learning material will be assessed by the Coordination Committee once the necessary documentation is provided by students.