Master's Degree in Philosophy

Academic year 2020-21 | 60 credits | 20 places

New student profile and admission criteria


  • Undergraduate degree holders from a Spanish university
    In accordance with current European, national, and UIB regulations, students in possession of a bachelor's degree or other equivalent are able to access Master's programmes. Additionally, holders of associate, architecture, or technical engineering degrees can also access Master's-level studies.
  • Undergraduate degree holders from a foreign university
    In accordance with current UIB regulations, students in possession of a foreign undergraduate degree can access Master's study programmes by validating their degree in the Spanish system and having it recognized as equivalent to a Spanish degree that allows access to postgraduate-level studies. These regulations notwithstanding, the UIB reserves the right to admit foreign students without having a validated degree as long as the degree they hold is considered to prove the that the holder's level of education is equivalent to that which would have been provided by a Spanish bachelor's degree programme, and the degree allows holders to access postgraduates in the issuing country. This accreditation process must be carried out in accordance with the procedures established by the Centre for Postgraduate Studies.
  • Students who have partially completed doctoral studies
    These students, in accordance with UIB regulations and Royal Decree 778/1998, Royal Decree 56/2005 of 21 January, and previous regulations, can access official postgraduate study programmes and be awarded official Master's degrees as long as they are admitted to the programme beforehand. Furthermore, they can request recognition of credits corresponding to courses and research work that they have already done, in accordance with the validation process established by the Centre for Postgraduate Studies.

If the number of applications exceeds the number of places offered in the programme (see above), the MFIL's academic committee will create an ordered waitlist of candidates based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic transcript (up to 3 points)
  2. Scholarships/grants awarded (up to 2 points)
  3. Publications (up to 2 points)
  4. Attendance at congresses, courses, and seminars (up to 2 points)
  5. Other merits (up to 1 point)


Academic and professional goals

This Master's degree programme was designed according to European Higher Education Area models, and the objectives of the programme have been derived from the "Dublin descriptors", and the criteria given by the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ENQA) and the Joint Quality Initiative.


Educational objectives:

The MFIL is a research-focused Master's programme that provides students with the basic abilities needed to undertake research in the various fields of philosophy. As a result, graduates are able to access doctoral programmes both at the UIB and at other national and foreign universities. Additionally, the education offered in the MFIL provides students with specialized knowledge in the various fields of philosophy at a level above bachelor's studies. Thus, the MFIL is directed toward students who wish to study doctoral degrees and those who are interested in receiving a more in-depth education in philosophy.

MFIL graduates will have developed basic research competences, which will also be useful for other activities; thus, they will be able to draft academic and research documents, perform literature searches in materials related to philosophy and other subjects, work individually and in a team, perform duties autonomously, and publically present and defend their work. Furthermore, graduates will have acquired up-to-date knowledge in fields such as the history of philosophy, aesthetics, the philosophy of science, and moral and political philosophy.

Access to other study programmes and career opportunities

The Master's degree programme in philosophy allows graduates to access the doctorate programmes in philology and philosophy at the UIB, thus providing students who wish to further their academic training with the option of continuing their education. Additionally, this Master's programme enables graduates to study in doctorate programmes in related scientific fields at other universities. 


Structure of the study programme

The course structure is available on this website in the subjects section.

The programme offers four specialities:

Due to the number of students, the program currently allows them to choose classes from among all the available courses. Students must select a total of 42 credits worth of courses from all the courses on offer. In addition, the methodology course (6 credits - Basic methodological training) is compulsory for all students. To complete this total course load of 48 credits, students have to prepare and defend a Master’s thesis (12 credits). The thesis’ topic (and chosen tutor) will have to conform to one of the four specialities (one of which the students are required to choose at the beginning of the program).

The Master's degree programme in philosophy has a tutorial programme that allows all students to get in touch with the programme's coordinators to clarify any doubts about the programme and how it is carried out. The UIB's intranet tool, Campus Extens, allows for a continuous flow of communication between students and faculty, as well as for the completion of the necessary administrative tasks in relation to the Master's thesis.


Final Exam

Each subject has its own evaluation system that is adapted to the objectives of that subject. So, there is no comprehensive graduation exam required to pass this Master's programme.

In order to obtain the degree, students must create and publically defend a Master's thesis before a committee of three members, who will be chosen by the MFIL academic committee.

Evaluation criteria and exams

There is a subject that focuses on methodology, and it is mandatory for all MFIL students. Additionally, in order to be awarded a degree, students must pass the defence of their Master's thesis.


Study programme leadership

Dr. Joan Lluís Llinàs Begon

(34) 971 17 3028

Dr. Juan Bautista Bengoechea Cousillas

(34) 971 25 9756

Credit Recognition and Transfer Committee for MFIL

Member 3
Prohens López, Margarita
Member 4
Amengual Sastre, Gabriel