Master's Degree in Physics of Complex Systems (MFS2): 2015-16

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Programme management board
Number of Credits 60
Places available for new applicants 25


BOE publication date

Verification date (official approval by the spanish Quality an Accreditation Agency): 01/Jun/2012
Date of the Agreement of the Council of Ministers : 23/Nov/2012
BOE : Núm. 34 - 08/Feb/2013 - res. 1334
RUCT code : 4313187

BOE Programme publication date

BOE : Núm. 79 - 02/Apr/2013 - res. 3580

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Supervising centre Centre for Postgraduate Studies
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  • 1st registration : 31,61€
  • 2nd registration : 51,36€
  • 3rd registration : 51,36€
  • 4th registration : 51,36€
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Prices regulated by " BOIB, Official Gazette, Núm.104 - July 11, 2015 - Decreto 65/2015 "

Title Description

Candidate profile and admission requirements

To enroll in this master it is sufficient to hold a degree from any European University (more precisely, from an university that belongs to the European Higher Education Area, EHEA, all of Europe, basically). Degrees from outside the EHEA (including non-European universities) will be examined before acceptance to the master (see ). There are no other formal requirements, but applicants should consider whether their previous studies will allow them to follow with profit the courses (some basic knowledge of statistical mechanics, quantum physics, computation, etc. is required). Admission will be granted on a competitive basis.

The teaching/working language is English. All academic documents are routinely issued in English and all lectures are also conducted in that same language. You will also be required to give presentations and write your master thesis in English so a proper command of the language is expected from all prospective students.

Academic and Professional Objectives

The aim of the Master's degree in Physics of Complex Systems is to train future researchers in the analysis, construction, modeling and simulation of complex systems. Offering an exceptional cross-disciplinary environment and experience, providing modern computer facilities and labs, working in collaboration with international groups, the students are offered a range of research projects and applications in fields of increasing interest ranging from social to brain dynamics, including quantum optics, evolution and ecology, ocean transport, nonlinear photonics, quantum information and nanoscience.

Students will participate in cross programme activities, such as joint seminars, and will be trained in team work and presentation skills.

Access to other professional courses and pathways

Graduates in this master (that have completed a total of 300 ECTS) have the opportunity to continue their PhD theses in the associated PhD Programme in Physics of the University of the Balearic Islands.

Course Structure

Final Examination

Public defense of the master thesis work.

Assessment Criteria and Examinations

Los criterios de evaluación y exámenes estan detallados en las guias docentes de cada asignatura (Sección " Asignaturas ")

ECTS Coordinating Lecturer

Dr. Raúl Toral Garcés

Department   Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems , UIB.
Telephone  (34) 971 17 3235

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