Information on Academic Regulations, Attendance Requirements and the Minimum Number of Registered Credits at the beginning of a course programme

Academic Regulations and Attendance Requirements

The academic regulations (which can be found in the 'Regulations' section) govern essential academic issues. Chapter four sets out the general requirements for ongoing enrolment at the UIB. These regulations have undergone changes in recent years that have been included in different public documents. Therefore, different academic regulations can apply depending on the academic years of registration for students.

Number of minimum registered credits at the beginning of a course programme

Students who begin Master's courses or who register for the training period of a PhD programme regulated by Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29th October (please see the 'Regulations -> General Regulations' section), must register for at least 30 credits. This number also includes adapted, validated or recognised credits, where applicable.

The minimum number of credits falls to 15 (as per the relevant regulation) for accredited part-time status students.

Procedure: Attendance Requirements

  • The UIB sets general continuous enrolment requirements depending on whether students are full- or part-time:
    • Full-time master's students must pass at least 40% of credits, rounded up, on which they have enrolled each year
    • Part-time master's students who are registering for the first time on a master's programme must pass at least 10% of credits, rounded up, on which they have enrolled
  • Where the minimum number of credits is not passed, a further 12-month attendance period may be requested from the admin services in the Antoni Maria Alcover i Sureda building
  • UIB students have a maximum of four ordinary registrations to pass each subject. Where they do not pass it, they may request extraordinary registration from the director of the Centre for Postgraduate Studies.

You may view Ratification Agreement 13600 of 22nd June 2020 that approves the modification to student attendance requirements at the University of the Balearic Islands. You may also view the Spanish version of the regulations at this link.