Admission and enrolment

Preinscripció i matrícula  Important information that should be considered before registering and enrolling
  1. In accordance with Regulatory Agreement 12052/2016 of 7 November, which approves the reservation of seats in Master's and doctoral level study programmes at the University of the Balearic islands for students with disabilities, all official Master's degree programmes will reserve 5 percent of the seats offered by the programme for students with a recognized level of disability greater than or equal to 33 percent and for students with permanent special educational needs related to a personal disability that, during their previous studies, required support and resources in order for a normal education to be received.
  2. September application and enrolment periods for official Master's programmes will only be opened if some seats remain unfilled.
  3. Once granted admission, a request can be made to reserve a seat in an official Master's degree programme if one or more of the following are pending:

    - a credit recognition request
    - a visa
    - the resolution of a request (part-time student, awarding of a non-MECD grant, etc.)

Students who are not enrolled are not covered by any school insurance. Please keep this in mind when deciding to use the UIB's installations.

Application and enrolment procedure for Master's degrees

  • Applications must be completed online through the web portal.
    This can be launched by clicking on the "Application" button located below the name of the degree you would like to study.
    In order to access the online application, you must have a user name and a password. To obtain these, you must click on UIBdigital Online Log-in.
    Once inside the application you will be able to see what details and documents must be submitted.
  • Students with foreign degrees, consult the "Students with foreign degrees" section.


Documents to be submitted

  • Copy of your ID card, NIE (Foreign Identification document), or passport
  • Copy of the academic diploma or degree (in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian or Portuguese)
  • Copy of the official academic transcript, issued by the foreign university on headed paper, and signed by the competent authority, of the studies taken by the applicant which records, among other details, the subjects taken with the grade obtained, the total number of hours or number of credits in each one of them and the grading system applied (in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian or Portuguese)
  • Copy of the European Diploma Supplement (EDS). If the degree was taken at a University in the EHEA, it is advisable to present the EDS.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Other documents: consult the admission criteria of the degree as there may be specific requirements or merits may be valued that require the submission of additional documents.
In the case of degrees that require accreditation of the grade point average as an admission criterion, the foreign GPA equivalence may be requested through the ANECA Grade Point Average calculator service [es].

Once admitted, applicants will proceed to register. This is done at the Administrative Services (Antoni Maria Alcover i Sureda Building), and involves presenting the original documents stated above (of which only a copy is required for the pre-registration).